Twinning is Winning

Twinning or twin dressing has become quite a phenomenon in recent years and can be worked in so many ways.  From dressing identically to co-ordinating colours, types of clothes or a  themes style, you can do it how ever you want.  My husband and I realised we have quite a few items in common, especially shoes! So sometimes we will twin our looks either for style or as my husband said, it takes away the need to make a decision on what shoes to wear that day!! 

On a recent trip to visit family down in Cornwall we were both in need of a waterproof jacket and found these brilliant Barbour jackets in a local store.   I am still in ‘Mission use up the yarn stash’ mode and realised I had yarns that perfectly matched our jackets!  I loved the idea to make then in alternate colours, too! 

I love a cable hat as the cables give a lot of textural interest and warmth.  Also, using ribbing for the turn-back makes them form well to the head and helps keep your ears protected from the cold wind!  The cable I designed mimics the idea of twinning with each cable twisting twice and then going straight whilst the one next to it twists.  It forms a very pleasing, simple design that has a stunning texture and is very fluid and calm. 

This cable is a fun one to knit as it is worked over 6 stitches and twists the knit columns either side of a purl column.  This is quite easy to work once you get the hang of it. I will be doing a follow up How-To for this type of cable so you can learn to do it if it is new to you.  Then you can knit up your own and one for your style twin!  I’ll add a link here when that is up!

Huge thank you to Tim Ravenscroft for taking such wonderful photos of us wearing these hats! Check out his gorgeous photographs here.

The pattern for the Twinning hats is now available on my website and until 14/10/19 use the code TWIN10 to get a 10% discount off the pattern! 

Happy knitting!


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