A hoy there! The story behind the sweater

A Hoy There! 

The story behind the sweater.

Since moving to Sweden my interest of sailing has grown a lot and have been blessed with an amazing neighbour who has been teaching my husband and I how to navigate a boat out on the lakes. 

For this design I wanted to create a bold, eye-catching sailing themed sweater.  I have always loved the look of boats, with there streamline shape and graphic sails, they are just gorgeous! As this little sweater is for kids I wanted to make the logo feel more playful, so I designed it to look like it is a sailboat viewed through a telescope.

I want to try my hand at doing a super bold, multi coloured intarsia pattern for this motif. This is a technique I have not used for ages so this would be a great way to practice and advance my skills. My yarn stash is also a bit out of control - a great problem that I know many of us knitters have, so I went for a rumage and found these beautiful bright colours and designed the sails to have both a graphic and colourful feel.

After turning my sketch into a graphed chart I was ready to go but definitely needed a refresher so I dug out the amazing little book 'Intarsia - A workshop from hand and machine knitting' written by Sherry Stuever and Keely Stuever.  It is brilliant and has all the information you could ever need to master intarsia, I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning this skill. Here is a link where you can grab a copy. 

I really had a lot of fun knitting this, the chart worked up so quickly and could not be happier with how well it translated from paper to yarn. The pattern will available from newborn to 2 years and will be out early next week.  

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