The Final Countdown...

With work on the new edition of our Reversible knitting stitches ebook nearly done and the final print book in stock it feels like a very exciting time.  

At the beginning of the year Mum and I decided to look for some new reversible stitches. We had already discovered a few and thought there were more out there to find. A hunt we could not resist! Now we are up to 250+ stunning stitches and 80 project ideas which is amazing! 

I love to mix colours and finding some more two-coloured reversible patterns was top of my list and the search did not disappoint. We found some stunning examples and Mum had an explore of new ways of working old stitch combinations and created some exciting new stitches too.

On the page below you will also be able to see the new stitch chart layouts, this was a massive job to redo all the charts but it was worth it.  They are now a lot more crisp and easy to read, making the whole layout so much easier to work with. We also wanted to include a few more of the patterns we have been working on since the release of the last edition to give you lots of inspiration and show the potential for these gorgeous stitches.

With all these edits and the changes going on in the world, with Covid creating a problem getting books out to people reliably and more of a focus on environmental factors we have decided not to do another print run and instead focus on creating the best ebook version we could.

We are now in our final stages of editing we are hoping to get this out in the next couple of weeks and I will keep you posted when you can get your hands on a copy. For all of you lovelies who already have a copy we will be sending out an updated version when it is released! 

Now to create some new patterns with all these gorgeous stitches!! Yay! 

Hope you are all well, have a wonderful weekend. 


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