Tuscan Dreams

Tuscany is a stunning district in Italy that holds a lot of wonderful memories for me. It evokes thoughts of the gorgeous rolling landscapes, vibrant earth colours, beautiful buildings and of course the most deliciously creamy pasta you can imagine!!! 

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Tuscany a number of times and visit different cities and towns. There is a great spirit to the area and I really enjoy the slower pace of life.  Taking time to enjoy family, savouring the small moments and always having a good laugh over a table full of the most divine food. (As you can probably tell I am more than slightly obsessed with Italian food!)

It is these feelings that I tried to capture in my new design, the Tuscan Dreams top. I wanted the fit to give a feeling of freedom and relaxation whilst being beautiful and eye-catching. The A-line shape of the top gives it a great flow and the length skims gracefully over the hips which creates a silhouette that is very flattering on a range of body types. The version I am wearing above is one size up with a 2cm/1ins positive ease as I wanted it to feel loose and airy. The pattern comes in 8 sizes from XS-XXXL and can be worked to fit looser or tighter to suit what you desire.  

The chevron stitches used in this design are beautiful examples of reversible stitches from our Reversible knitting stitches book.  They give the top a lovely texture and drape. The stitches catch the light as the top moves and the fabric lies beautifully flat without blocking.

To grab your copy of the Tuscan Dreams pattern, click here and use the code TUSCAN10 until the 25/08/19 to get 10% off!

I would like a shout out for my amazing father for the beautiful photos of the Tuscan hills and of me wearing the Tuscan dreams top! Check out his brilliant photos here.


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