Sakura / / New knitting pattern.

Inspiration can come from a multitude of places and for this project it was the meeting of a feeling and the finding of a wonderful yarn.

This year marked my first winter living in Sweden and even though I love the snow and cold I was more than usually excited about the arrival of spring!  That moment when you first notice the buds on the trees and then before you know it the first flowers are popping up and the world becomes full of colour and beautiful textures.  I also had not realised how much I would miss the feeling of a warm breeze on my skin after months of being bundled up in winter clothing and immediately wanted to knit a strappy top!! 

I stumbled upon the gorgeous Lingarn by Växbo Lin in a yarn shop while on holiday and it has been waiting for the perfect project. It is a stunning, fine linen yarn that comes in a multitude of wonderful colours.  It knits up slowly on 2mm/ US 0 needles but its beautiful drape and stitch definition make it well worth the time. 

I wanted the name of this project to reflect the joyous feeling of spring and for me ‘Sakura’, which is Japanese for cherry tree, encapsulates this perfectly. My family moved to Japan when I was a young child and we lived near the imperial palace in Kyoto.  It is a stunning place with spectacular gardens and so many cherry trees!  When a strong wind blows through the trees it whips the soft petals into the air like it’s snowing and it is so fun chasing around trying to catch them in the air!! 

The end result is a beautifully light and airy top, perfect to stay cool as the temperature rises.  The base is worked in a stunning lace pattern that lays flat and is open on the sides which makes it very comfortable and flattering to wear.  The V-shaped neck is framed by a lace pattern which continues into the straps. 

This is a fun project with a number of interesting techniques to work so even though it is a fine yarn it will keep you interested and if you are a beginner help to develop your knitting skills! 

For more details about the Sakura Lace Top please click here. The pattern includes eight different sizes and is available for instant download from my website. 

You can pick up a copy here and get 10% off by using code SAKURA10 until 20th July 19.


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